File Uploader

This file uploader was designed for our existing customers so they can upload large image and text files directly to our servers for use on their websites. You can upload up to 15 files at a time.

How to use our convenient file uploader:

Fill in the "Name", "Website Address" and any message you may want to send to us. Then click the first "Browse" button and navigate to the first file you would like to send. Then select the second "Browse" button and navigate to the second file for upload to our servers. You can continue with up to 15 files in one upload (1 Gig total). If you need to send more than 15 files, you can start over again with a new batch.

File Types

Any type of file can be uploaded including: Image files, Adobe files, Music files, Text files, Word files, Microsoft Office files, .PDF files, Zip files, Flash files, Video files and more. up to 1GB total per upload.


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